10 Reasons Hobbyists Use FEED Mode

One of the advantages of most DC controllable pumps (like our eFlux Wave Pumps and Flow pumps) is the ability to adjust not only the flow rate, but also the duration of time that the pump runs. By adjusting these two variables, you can create different flow modes utilizing your aquarium pumps.

These modes include pulsing waves, surging water currents, and perhaps most importantly, FEED Mode. FEED Mode temporarily turns your wave pumps and flow pump off for a maximum of 10 minutes, which allows your fish and corals to feed without strong water currents and other distractions.

FEED Mode is one of the most useful modes in your aquarium, and many hobbyists utilize it several times a day. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important:

  1. Gives time to the fish that need it
    Certain fish can have a hard time successfully chasing down food in a tank, including many types of small gobies and blennies. This mode gives them a leg up and allows them to feed in calmer waters.

  3. Helps feed your fish and corals – not your cleaner crew!
    Sometimes strong water currents will blast food behind rocks and into tiny crevices, where it’s either going to rot or be a buffet for your cleaner crew. This mode keeps the food out where all of your fish can get it, not just the bottom feeders.

  5. Assists with feeding live foods
    Slowing down water currents allows slower-moving fish who require live foods to feed easier – like seahorses and pipefish.

  7. Lets you spot/target feeding corals
    You’ll be able to specifically target certain foods for corals without the foods swirling around in the tank.

  9. Simulates the hunt
    Placing some foods in the tank with the pumps on, then shutting them down creates a slow swirling motion, which simulates the behavior of live food without pushing it down your overflows.

  11. Its habit forming
    Your fish will soon learn that when the pumps turn off, its feeding time! Even more difficult fish will catch on eventually, which makes it much easier to create a regular feeding schedule.

  13. Allows for observation
    Temporarily turning the current off in your tank allows you to spot things much easier, especially sick fish or leftover food pockets that may need a good cleaning.

  15. Doesn’t clog the drains
    If you feed with your wave pumps on, certain foods will literally go right into your overflow. FEED mode gives your fish time to feed, then provides automatic cleaning when the pumps do kick back on.

  17. Gets food to the bottom
    If you want some of your bottom corals to feed, allowing the food to slowly sink to them is a good strategy. Then when the pumps kick back on, the food will float back up in the column for your other fish to feed.

  19. Interaction
    Don’t underestimate the value of the interaction between you and your fish — fish are smart and can recognize you. Take some time to enjoy that interaction without your pumps swirling water everywhere and making it harder for them to spot you.


Do you use FEED Mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!