5 Things You Should Never Do Around Your Aquarium


Hi everyone, I’m Ike from Current-USA and thanks for joining us. If you’re an avid fish keeper we’re going to show you five things you never want to do while keeping your aquarium.

There are a lot of videos on the web that give you tips on keeping a successful aquarium but there’s not a lot of videos that tell you what not to do while keeping your aquarium and often times it’s hard to show you what not to do without showing you what could happen if you actually do it. So we thought it would be fun to show you our top five things you never want to do while keeping an aquarium. And be sure to stick around for the last one because it’s a doozy.

While this first don’t do may seem like a no-brainer to many of us, it’s often overlooked by aquarists. Don’t keep any dangerous or poisonous fish in an open-top aquarium, especially any species of Lionfish. This can be a very, very painful lesson. Having been stung many times by Lionfish, I can tell you it’s extremely painful. And many people who don’t keep an aquarium, may be around your system and don’t understand the danger of even putting their fingers in the water.

No matter how experienced you are as an aquarium hobbyist, at some point in time you’re going to be faced with a fish keeping emergency. Whether your tank starts to spring a leak, whether you have a water quality meltdown, you’re oftentimes going to need to move your fish into a temporary holding tank while you fix your issue. So what makes a good holding tank? Usually any large container that will hold the fish and your corals, anything with the exception of a blender.

When many non-aquarists view an aquarium, something in their brain tells them if you tap on the glass the fish are going to come to you. This is absolutely one thing you don’t want to do around your aquarium. Tapping on the glass can cause vibration and will actually scare the fish and while I’ve never heard of a fish tank exploding from tapping on the glass, you never know.

Whether you have a tiny nano-reef aquarium or your aquarium is bigger than the local public aquarium, feeding our fish is one of the most favorite things we all love to do. It’s the one time we get to interact and learn those behaviors our aquarium inhabitant show but learning about your fish’s personality during feeding time is one thing your guests will have absolutely no experience with. So as a golden rule, we always recommend don’t let your guests feed your aquarium.

As an industry insider, I can tell you that a lot of aquarists, including myself, need to work out more. If we could spend all day long around our aquariums we would. We love just viewing, working on them, doing everything around them but one big don’t do is don’t work out around your aquarium, especially if your aquarium is a custom living color aquarium.

Thanks so much for joining us and we hope these examples of don’t do’s inspire everyone to have a safer aquarium. If you have a favorite example that you think we should have mentioned in this video, please leave it and let us know in the comment section below. And if you like these tips and want to learn more, don’t forget to click that subscribe button.