Satellite Freshwater LED+

Full-spectrum LED fixture with wireless remote controlled color & effects

Custom color from your couch
Now you can shift the color of your aquatic environment without shifting your body with the industry’s first freshwater-optimized, RGB+White, wireless remote controlled LED fixture. Super bright 6500K White LEDs are paired with full-spectrum RGB LEDs to offer every color under the sun (and a few that aren’t) all controlled from a single 32-key customizable remote.

Game-changing effects
Ready to enter the world of countless possibilities? The Satellite LED+ features effects that you’ll have to see to believe, plus each color is individually adjustable for endless custom color blends. Features include: 6, freshwater-optimized, color pre-sets 12, dynamic effects including: cloud cover, fading lunar, storm, lightning, dusk and more 4, memory buttons for saving custom color blends Pause/play each mode on-demand.

Pick a color, any color
With so much hype into the industry, we decided it was time for a game-changer – reinvent the freshwater aquarium. Drawing on our years of expertise in both fresh and marine aquarium product development we have created another industry first – a full-spectrum, wireless remote controlled, customizable fixture that was engineered from the ground up for freshwater aquarium environments. Making it the perfect choice for a beginner setting up their first tank, or a seasoned veteran looking for a significant upgrade.


The perfect fit
Sliding docking legs allow quick and easy adjustments for a wide variety of installations. This system also makes adding multiple fixtures a snap.

Low voltage, super safe LEDs
Low, 12V DC, IP65 rated LEDs making them super safe for aquarium use. 120 degree dispersion angle for optimal spread and color blending.(see chart below for specs)

ModelFixture SizeFits AquariumsDimensionsVoltageWattsLEDs
40051818”-24”16.8” x3.5” x 0.44”12Volts DC1336 White/18 RGB
40062424”-36”22.8” x 3.5” x 0.44”12Volts DC1848 White/24 RGB
40073636”-48”34.8” x 3.5” x 0.44”12Volts DC2572 White/36 RGB
40084848”-60”46.8” x 3.5” x 0.44”12Volts DC3096 White/48 RGB

Each Kit Includes:

  • 1 Satellite LED fixture
  • 2 Adjustable docking mounts
  • 1 12V DC UL transformer
  • 1 Wireless LED remote control

Model LightTotal LumensPAR@12"PAR@18"PAR@24"
4005 18"-24" Satellite LED+600362821
4006 24"-36" Satellite LED+1000362821
4007 36"-48" Satellite LED+1500362821
4008 48"-60" Satellite LED+2000362821

Product Downloads:

Satellite Freshwater LED+ Product Specification Sheet Pg.1

Satellite Freshwater LED+ Product Specification Sheet Pg.2

Satellite Freshwater LED+ Instructions

Satellite Freshwater LED+ Instructional Video

Wireless Remote Control Instructions Pg.1

Wireless Remote Control Instructions Pg.2

Color Spectrum Guide

PAR Values & Comparison Chart