Interested in early access to the LOOP App?

We are currently performing closed Beta testing of our LOOP App and would like to thank everyone who signed up to participate. As soon as we complete Beta testing, the LOOP app will be available for download for both iOS (Apple) and Android.

Fill out the form below to stay up to date on the LOOP App.

iPhone Users

For iOS, we will be distributing the LOOP test app through Apple’s TestFlight program. Requirements are as follows:

Android Users

For Android, we’re distributing the app through an Open Beta on Google Play. Device requirements are as follows:

  • Android 4.4 or later
  • An account on the Google Play Store.
  • Internet Connection


Do I need a LOOP compatible product to join?

Yes, you must currently have an Orbit Marine IC LED light, Orbit Marine IC PRO LED light, eFlux Wave Pumps and/or eFlux DC flow pumps.

Will this APP work to control and program my LOOP products?

Not yet. The initial testing is limited to the app itself. Once the app has been beta tested, we will have a limited number of hobbyists beta test the Bluetooth controller. Once both products have been tested, we will release both the app and Bluetooth controller to the public.

How long will the beta testing last?

Our goal is to have both products tested within the next 6-8 weeks.

If I signup, how soon can I download the app?

We’re in the final stages getting the App ready for beta testing and ensuring we have a good feedback LOOP (pun intended!) The initial process of adding you as a beta tester may take a few days. You’ll receive an email from us with instructions once you’ve been invited!

Why do you need my email address?

Primarily we will use it to notify you of updates, where to provide feedback, and when the App’s released.

Will you email me about anything else?

No, the email newsletter you’re signing up for is for the mobile App testing program.

How do I submit feedback about the app?

We will periodically ask you how things are going, and give you the ability to provide in-app feedback. You can also reach out to our product team at any time by sending us an email at