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How it works.

Start with Orbit IC.

All you need is an Orbit IC LED light with a LOOP controller. Add another product, like an eFlux wave pump and they’ll work together to make your aquarium come to life in a whole new way – all on their own.

It Just works.

Once you connect a product to LOOP, it automatically starts doing things for your tank. You can use one of our pre-programmed lighting programs, or create your own customized cycle and color spectrums.  How much you control is up to you.

Simple, easy setup.

You don’t have to be a techie to get things working. Simply connect your lights and pumps, turn them on via the IR remote or LOOP app, and your in complete control. And with the free LOOP App (available for iOS or Android), you can easily setup and manage your aquarium system right from your mobile device.

How does LOOP connect?


Orbit IC, eFlux and LOOP.

Made to do more together.

With the LOOP app and advanced features like individually controlled IC LED chips and controllable DC pumps, you can watch clouds roll horizontally across your tank or slow the flow down to feed your fish and corals – all with touch of a button. Control your daily light cycle, adjust your color spectrums, create daily weather patterns, even mimic pulsing waves with a thunderstorm, LOOP helps you experience more with your aquarium than ever before.