Nova Extreme Pro 6 Lamp T5HO Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a replacement ballast for my Nova Extreme Pro fixture?

You can purchase replacement ballasts directly from the ballast manufacturer SunPark through their website under the Aquarium Ballasts category, or you can contact SunPark by phone at 866-478-6775 or by email at

Can the Nova Extreme Pro be used on freshwater plant aquariums?

Yes, in fact the Nova Extreme Pro can help create beautiful freshwater planted aquaria. Many people who use the Nova Extreme Pro for plants swap the actinic lamp(s) out for the True Lumen 12,000k daylight or Flora-Freshwater T5HO lamps.

How long should the lamps be on for?

Different species of plants and invertebrates will require varying photo periods. Please contact the dealer from whom you purchase your livestock to determine how long your particular lights should be left on.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes. Your dealer can obtain replacement parts for most products through their distributor.  For questions on replacement parts such as part numbers please contact us.

Can the Nova Extreme Pro be installed in a canopy?

We do not advise the use of the Nova Extreme Pro for canopy installations. Although there are cooling fans installed in the Nova Extreme Pro, canopies are too restrictive and may cause premature ballast and lamp failure. For canopy installations we recommend our Sundial T5HO fixtures.

Does the fan need to run while the lamps are in operation?

It is important that the fan is operational while any of the main lights are operational to keep both the lamps and microprocessor driving system cool.

What type of corals can be raised using Nova Extreme Pro fixtures?

The Nova Extreme Pro fixtures will support nearly all types of corals and anemones, including high light-requiring corals and clams.

Half of my bulbs are not working. I’ve replaced the bulbs and they still won’t light. What can I do?

If you’ve replaced the old bulbs with new bulbs and the new bulbs still aren’t working (or you’ve swapped the bulbs around in the fixture) then your next step would be to replace the ballast. Please contact the ballast manufacturer SunPark by phone at 866-478-6775 or by email at for any warranty and non-warranty replacement ballasts.

What are the advantages of High Output T5 lighting?

High Output (HO) T5 Lighting produces the highest lumen per watt of any fluorescent lighting available on the market, and produces very little heat while the lamps have a longer lifespan than other lighting.

How do I remove the lamps from the sockets?

Rotate the lamps in the socket until the rotating portion of the socket lines up with the vertical cutout, allowing the lamp’ pins to slide out of the socket.

Do I need to use a glass or acrylic top with the Nova Extreme Pro since the fixture already has a splash lens covering the lamps?

Yes. A glass or acrylic top between the fixture and the water is necessary for use with any Current-USA fixture.

I broke my docking mounts. Where are can I get replacements?

Your retailer will be able to get any Current-USA replacement parts you may need.

Can I use a hanging kit with the Nova Extreme?

Yes-you Nova Extreme Pro is designed to be used with a hanging kit such as model #1093 or the hanging arm kit model #1092

Two bulbs are out on my Nova Extreme Pro fixture-is this a ballast issue?

It’s possible, but this is also symptomatic of a bad lamp, which will cause both lamps on the same ballast not to work or to flash briefly. Try putting the bulbs that are working in these sockets just to make sure there is not a ballast or socket issue. If they work try putting one of the bulbs that was not working before in the sockets that are working. If both bulbs fail to light you know that that is the lamp that is the problem. If not try the other lamp as you may only need a single replacement lamp.