Orbit IC LED Light Cycle

The LOOP controller included with the Orbit IC LED aquarium light is provides 24-hour timer control of your Orbit IC LED light, on-demand weather effects and programming control of up to 3 eFlux wave pumps.  The integrated timer is designed to mimic a natural 24 hour lighting cycle:



Orbit IC 24 Hour Light Cycle

Early MorningFIXED - Lights OFFN/A
ON TIMEADJUST - Time Light Turns ON (Hour & Minute)N/A
Ramp to SunriseFIXED - lights gradually ramp to Sunrise/Sunset color spectrum15 Minutes
SUNRISEADJUST - Color Spectrum & Intensity60 Minutes
Ramp to DaylightFIXED - lights gradually ramp to Daylight color spectrum15 Minutes
DAYLIGHTADJUST - Color Spectrum & IntensityDetermined by ON/OFF time period
WEATHERADJUST - Weather pattern & forecast timeDetermined by Daylight time & forecast programmed
Ramp to SunsetFIXED - lights gradually dim to Sunrise/Sunset color spectrum15 Minutes
SUNSETADJUST - Color Spectrum & Intensity60 Minutes
Ramp to MoonlightFIXED - lights gradually dim to Moonlight color spectrum15 Minutes
MOONLIGHTADJUST - Color Spectrum & Intensity (adjust all colors to zero for no moonlight)6 Hours
Ramp to Lights OFFFIXED - lights gradually dim OFF15 Minutes
Late Night / Early MorningFixed - Lights OFFN/A