Ramp Timer Compatibility with Satellite LED Plus

Satellite_Dual-RampWe’re often asked why the Satellite LED+ is not compatible with our Dual Ramp Timer or Ramp Timer Pro and what limitations are there with the Single Ramp Timer. Here’s a brief explanation and some recommendations:

The Satellite LED Plus is already features an integrated RGBW (4-channel) LED controller with remote control, providing intensity and color control, as well as dynamic lighting effects. Almost every control and dynamic aspect featured in the Satellite Plus is achieved by changing the intensity of different LED chips at different intervals. In addition, these control and dynamic aspects are communicated to the LED fixture using infrared (IR) signals from the included remote control.

Our Single Ramp Timer, Dual Ramp Timer and Ramp Timer Pro are LED controllers designed for LED lights that do not feature or include any type of integrated LED controller. They work great with single LED strip lights like our TrueLumen Pro LED strips, TrueLumen LED strips or other manufacturer lights like Stunner LED strips, Panorama Pro Modules and Panorama Marine/Actinic Blue lights from Ecoxotic. They operate on the same principle as the integrated LED controller in the Satellite LED Plus – by changing the intensity of the LED over different time periods and intervals. Our Dual Ramp Timer and Ramp Timer Pro also use the same type of signal, IR infrared, to communicate to the Ramp Timers.

So why are the Ramp Timers not compatible with the Satellite LED Plus? The issue is simple – the Satellite Plus already features an integrated 4-channel controller – which was not designed to be controlled by an additional controller (such as a Ramp Timer.) Controlling a 4-channel controller with an additional 1 or 2 channel controller (like our Ramp Timers) can often cause conflicts (which can be frustrating!)

I really want my Satellite LED+ on a 24 hour timed schedule with a timer, how can I do it? Here are a few recommendations:

Single Ramp Timer – the Single Ramp Timer features two modes, one with a 15-minute ramp up/dim down, the other is simply on/off. The Satellite LED Plus works great in the on/off mode, simply program your on and off times and your done!

Dual Ramp Timer & Ramp Timer Pro – these timers are not recommended for use with our Satellite LED Plus.  The conflicts of one controller trying to change/control another controller make them incompatible and not recommended.

24 Hour Wall Timer –  You can always use a 24 hour wall timer with our Satellite LED Plus.  They are super reliable and work extremely well for simply turning the light on and off!