Solana XL Aquarium Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of aquarium can I keep with the Solana XL?

The Solana’s filtration and design is ideal for saltwater aquariums, including reef systems. The Solana is also perfect for freshwater systems including planted aquariums.

There is no water movement inside the viewing portion of the Solana

Make sure the pump is operating-if necessary remove from the pump and disassemble the impeller portion to make sure it is free of debris. Make sure that the adjustable return nozzles are positioned so that there is adequate circulation covering the entire aquarium.

The water level inside the filtration section (sump) is too low even after replacing the Top Off container

Adjust the water level and salinity by adding appropriate water type/salinity. Check the water level in the Top Off containers daily to anticipate the time required for replacing the water in the Top Off system to maintain a consistent water level and salinity.

Can I place a chiller in the Solana XL system?

Yes. The stand of the Solana XL was specifically designed to house a small chiller, allowing it to be ventilated for proper performance.

Water is leaking over the top of my Solana. How can I get it to stop?

The surface skimmer where water enters the filtration section may be partially clogged, increasing the water level in the main aquarium. Make sure the grooves of the surface skimmer are completely clean so that water flows freely into the filtration section. This can also occur if the outlet nozzles from the pump are pointed at the water surface, creating waves that can lap water over the edge of the aquarium.

My return pump is blowing bubbles back into the aquarium-what is the problem?

The aquarium needs to have water added to it or the filter sock is dirty, preventing the water from flowing through the system smoothly.

What kind of protein skimmer can I use with the Solana XL?

Your dealer can recommed a skimmer that will work best with your type of setup-we have found that the ASM and Euroreef skimmers work well with the Solana XL.

Does the Solana XL come with lighting?

No-the Solana XL does not come with lighting as there are many personal choices in lighting these types of aquariums. For lighting receommendations for the Solana XL please consult your dealer.

What kind of glass does the Solana XL use?

The Solana XL uses a special high clarity, low iron glass on the front and side panels that provides superior optical viewing over normal glass. Each panel is a full 10mm (6/16″) thick.

I prefer a frameless look for my aquarium-can I order the Solana XL without the frame?

The Solana XL frame is actually removeable for those who wish to go with a frameless look-this also helps with cleaning. Each Solana XL comes standard with this removeable frame kit.