How to Successfully Install Your Orbit Adjustable Tank Mount Bracket for a Sleek Look

Whether this is your first tank or a new addition to the collection, installations are never easy – especially the more complicated equipment! But if you’re in the process of finishing up the final details on your tank, the Orbit Adjustable Tank Mount Bracket will provide a low-profile, minimalistic solution to mounting an LED light over your aquarium. Luckily, setting up and installing the mount isn’t too difficult; it requires no drilling or cutting into your aquarium cabinet and provides a sleek, modern, clean look. Once installed, it also helps protects your fixture from saltwater damage and provides adjustability both height- and width-wise. Here are some step-by-step instructions for installing the tank mount arm brackets:

Before getting started

  • Make sure you have enough tank mount arm brackets for your installation:

  • Make sure your fixture is compatible with the tank mount bracket
  • Make sure the rim of your aquarium is no wider than 1” thick
  • The only tool you’ll need is a Phillips head screwdriver!

To install the mount bracket:

  1. Unpack the arm(s) from the box
  2. Unpack your LED fixture from the packaging or remove the current light from your aquarium
  3. For a super clean installation, remove the wire docking mounts from the light by sliding them out of the light fixture

    1. If your fixture’s docking mounts are stuck or don’t slide out, you may need to tug on them a bit to remove them.
  4. Decide where you want to mount the arm brackets on your aquarium tank:
    1. You can mount the bracket(s) in the center of the tank
    2. You can mount the brackets(s) mid-center
    3. You can mount the bracket(s) on the outer edges – the outer edges make for a clean install with the lighting cables
  5. The fixtures come pre-assembled with the mounting clip located in the center (Hole Set 2) position. This allows the light to be mounted 6” above the water line.
  6. You can lower it by moving the clip into top position (Hole Set 3 – this focuses light more for deeper penetration). You can also raise it by moving the clip into the bottom position (Hole Set 1 – this spreads light more over the entire tank).
  7. Unscrew the mounting screws to fit over your tank.
  8. Clean the location where they are being mounted, then slide bracket into location and hand tighten the mounting screws.
  9. Slide your light fixture into the mounting clips from the side
  10. Tighten the mounting screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.
  11. Using the cable wrap, attach the light cable to the aluminum arm.

That’s it! The arms are now installed and you’re ready to connect your light to LOOP and enjoy. One final tip – you can adjust your LED light front-to-back by loosening the top bolts and sliding your fixture front to back in the clips. You’ll want to try and center the light over your reef for optimal spread and growth.