Orbit IC LED Light

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  • 4104 18″-24″
  • 4105 24″-36″
  • 4106 36″-48″
  • 4107 48″-60″
  • 4108 72″
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Orbit IC LED Marketing Videos

Orbit IC Marketing Overview Video

Orbit IC in Daylight Mode

Orbit IC in Lightning Storm Mode

Orbit IC in Rolling Cloud Mode

Orbit IC LED Light Instructional Videos

Install your Orbit IC light

What’s included with the Orbit IC light

Reset the Orbit IC to default settings

Turning the light and LOOP controller on / off

Setting daily on / off times

Setting the current time of day

Programming sunrise and sunset light intensity/color

Programming moonlight intensity/color

Programming daylight intensity/color

Programming a custom color spectrum

Turning on dynamic weather modes

Turning on dynamic modes

Turning on clean mode

Connecting LOOP controller cables

Installing LOOP controller and light manifold HUB

Orbit IC LED and Accessory Wave Pump Instructions

Designate primary and secondary wave pump

Programming specific pumps

Turning on FEED mode

Locking and unlocking the LOOP IR remote 

Turning individual wave pumps on or off 

Turning all wave pumps on or off

Programming eFlux Wave Pumps flow rate

Learn about each wave pump flow mode

Learn about stream/steady mode

Learn about surge/gyre mode 

Learn about wave/pulse mode 

Programming frequency of wave pumps 

Programming the flow mode for wave pumps