Replacement Power Supplies

The following table provides a list of replacement power supplies for your LED light fixture.  If using multiple fixtures, add up the total number of watts and add an additional 15%.

Wall Type Adaptor

External Adaptor

Meanwell Adaptor


Model NumberDC VoltageWattsAC Cord LengthDC Cord LengthTypePlug Type
167012V12WN/A36"WallDC Barrel
306112V18wN/A36"WallDC Barrel
306212V24wN/A36"WallDC Barrel
308112V36w36"36"ExternalDC Barrel
308212V48w36"36"ExternalDC Barrel
308312V60w36"36"ExternalDC Barrel
308412V84w36"36"ExternalDC Barrel
507024V36w36"36"ExternalDC Barrel
507124V48w36"36"ExternalDC Barrel
303624V60w36"36"ExternalDC Barrel
308624V96w36"36"ExternalDC Barrel
308824V150w36"36"ExternalDC Barrel