Retail Store Display Lighting

Our TrueLumen PRO LED aquarium strip lights provide the perfect solution for retail aquarium shops and aquatic holding systems. Available in 5 color spectrums, they are completely linkable, waterproof, low voltage – and easy to install. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade those old fluorescent lights, now is the perfect time.

TrueLumen Pro LED strips:

• Add shimmer & color to your tanks
• Increase livestock sales
• Dramatically lower electrical costs
• Less algae growth = less cleaning
• No heat output

Completely waterproof, low voltage, linkable, easy-to-install and available in
12″, 24″, 36″ & 48″ lengths and 4 color spectrums.

• 12,000K Diamond White
• Marine Fusion 12K/453nm Blue
• Deep Water 453nm Actinic Blue

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