18″ to 24″ E-Series Plant LED Light with Wireless Control

18″-24″ Full Spectrum RGB+W Plant LED light with 24-hour wireless remote control.




The details


The Beauty of Full Spectrum
The E-Series packs plenty of power thanks to a proprietary blend of RGBW LEDs. The RGBW combination creates the perfect spectrum with minimal power consumption, keeping the fixture silent and cool without the need for fans. No detail is missed, packaged in a sleek aluminum housing, the smooth black finish lends to a tone that doesn’t divert your eye from the real reason we light our aquariums – what’s inside! The E-Series is a brilliant lighting solution engineered for absolute control with a clean and powerful aesthetic appeal.

Features include:

  • Wireless remote programming or touchpad
  • Thin, sleek aluminum housing
  • 120-degree optics, polished reflector
  • Plug-and-play, easy to program, internal memory
  • Adjustable docking mounts fit on a wide range of aquarium sizes
  • Low voltage, 24VDC and IP65 water-resistant, safe for aquariums

By combining 6500K daylight white and RGB LEDs, the E-Series can produce virtually any desired spectrum on demand. Whether you have a planted freshwater aquarium or an African Cichlid scape, the E-Series is the perfect choice for the discerning aquarist.


What's Included

Each E-Series LED system includes:

  • 1 – E-Series LED Strip with Daylight White and RGB high output LEDs,
  • 1 – E-Series LED Digital 24-Hr LED controller with wireless IR remote,
  • 2 – Adjustable tank docking mounts
  • 2 – Canopy brackets
  • 1 – 24VDC Power Supply UL Approved
  • Complete instructions

Remote Presets

Programming your E-Series light fixture is a simple and straightforward process. Once the current and desired on/off times are set, you can begin to explore the extensive customization potential of this versatile system. Fine-tune the color spectrum and intensity level of the daylight and moonlight cycles (or choose from the 4 preset color profiles), use the 2 available memory slots to store your favorite custom blends, and activate any of the 4 on-demand dynamic lighting modes: Moonlight, Thunderstorm with Lightning, Cloud Cover, and Soft Color Fade.

Preset Color Profiles

Sunlight – provides a soft white color temperature similar to a lower Kelvin spectrum like 6,500K. Great for planted aquariums and fish with orange and yellow coloration.

Full Spectrum – excellent for heavily planted aquariums, this color spectrum runs all of the white, red, green, and blue LEDs at full power.

Crisp Blue – similar to a 10,000K spectrum. Emits a very crisp white light with a blue hue. Recommended for Cichlids and other fish.

Deep Water – an amazing color for many aquarium fish. White mixed with a bit of blue and red makes fish colors pop!


Fits Aquariums18"-24"24"-36"36"-48"48"-60"
Fixture Dimensions18.5” x 2” x 1”24.5” x 2” x 1”36.5” x 2” x 1”48.5” x 2” x 1”
Aluminum FinishBlackBlackBlackBlack
Power Consumption24324654
Total Number LEDs14203040
6500K White LEDs10162432
RGB LEDs4468
Optical LensesSpherical 120 degreeSpherical 120 degreeSpherical 120 degreeSpherical 120 degree
Luminous Flux (Lumens)2880lm3840lm5520lm6480lm
Color Temperature6500K-7500K6500K-7500K6500K-7500K6500K-7500K
IP RatingIP65IP65IP65IP65
Input Voltage Range100-240V/50-60Hz100-240V/50-60Hz100-240V/50-60Hz100-240V/50-60Hz
LED Lifetime50,000 Hrs.50,000 Hrs.50,000 Hrs.50,000 Hrs.
Integrated 24 Hr. TimerYesYesYesYes
Background Light ControlNoNoNoNo
CertificationsUL/cUL Certified Power SupplyUL/cUL Certified Power SupplyUL/cUL Certified Power SupplyUL/cUL Certified Power Supply

Videos / Support

Wireless Infrared
4 Color Control
Daylight + Lunar
Full RGB+W Spectrum With four color channels, the E-Series produces incredible color rendition with vibrant shimmer and plenty of PAR for plant growth. Utilizing 120-degree optics and a polished reflector, the light spreads uniformly over your entire aquascape and colors blend perfectly.
Control Daylight, Moonlight, and Storm Wirelessly program and control your lighting with an intuitive remote. Watch simulated cloud cover, occasional tropical thunderstorms, and gradual sunrises and sunsets. Complete a 24-hour lighting cycle with soothing moonlight using a custom blend of RGB LED’S.
Sleek, minimal design With its simple and sleek housing, the thin yet powerful E-Series meets all of the most demanding aquatic lighting needs. Delivering a full spectrum through a carefully hand-selected array of RGB and daylight LEDs, your water will glisten with beautiful lines shimmer, and color.