5 Popular Color Spectrums for Saltwater Aquariums

One of the best things about a saltwater aquarium is the possibility for an incredible array of colors, from the brightest Royal Blue Tang to the most vibrant Mushroom Coral. Knowing which color spectrum enhances which colors is an easy way to make the most out of what’s inside your tank – and keep it looking as colorful as possible! There are certain color spectrum’s that are better than others at enhancing color, and we’ve picked our top five:

“Reef” Purple

  • Example RGBW color settings: Red=100%, Green=0%, White=0%, Blue=100%
  • Mimics deeper water or night time effects
  • Enhances blues and reds, also brings out amazing colors in corals
  • Excellent for fish like Blue Hippo Tangs, Coral Beauties, Flame Angles, Clownfish, Firefish, Butterfly Fish, and larger Angle Fish.

“Fiji Pink” or Magenta

  • Example RGBW color settings: Red=100%, Green=0%, White=0%, Blue=30%
  • One of our favorite colors on the spectrum – we use this to simulate a reddish sunset or sunrise.
  • Enhances reds and blues, but also gives yellow fish a pinkish hue and pink fish pop in red color.
  • Excellent for fish like Yellow Tanks, Pink Anthias, Longnose Butterfly, Flame Angel Fish, and Clownfish

“Full Spectrum” or Warm White

  • Example RGBW color settings: Red=100%, Green=100%, White=100%, Blue=25%.
  • Mimics very shallow water; similar to natural sunlight. Commonly referred to as 6,500K.
  • Enhances reds, oranges, greens and yellows.
  • A great color for almost all saltwater fish; especially fish with orange, yellows, reds and greens, including yellow tanks, Flame Angles, Coral Beauties, green wrasses, and Clownfish.

“10K to 14K” White

  • Example RGBW color settings: Red=0%, Green=0%, White=100%, Blue=100%.
  • Mimics mid-level water found on reefs and is very crisp. Commonly referred to as 10,000 or 14,000K (high level blue-to-white ratio).
  • Enhances many colors in fish, including blue, white, silver, black, green and reds.
  • Provides amazing shimmer effects and shines off of fish scales very effectively.
  • A great color for fish-only tanks as this color spectrum does not promote algae growth as much. Makes water look very “crisp” and clear.
  • Great for most wrasses, blue hippo tangs, Naso tangs, Emperor Angelfish, and damsels.

Cyan Blue

  • Example RGBW color settings: Red=25%, Green=100%, White=10%, Blue=85%.
  • A unique color that humans can see extraordinarily well.
  • Enhances blues and greens.
  • Excellent for fish like green chromis and blue damselfish.

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