Aquascapes by ADG using the new Serene Background Light Kit

Here’s a short video with some amazing aquascapes from ADG (Aquarium Design Group) featuring our new Serene Aquarium Background Light Kits. Combining brilliant, energy-efficient LED lighting with a custom frosted glass background film, background lighting creates tranquil color fades while adding a greater sense of depth that’s visually stunning both day and night.

Each Background Light Kit includes:
– Waterproof color-changing LED light
– Frosted glass background film (cut to size)
– Wireless remote control
– Mounting hardware and instructions

Wireless remote provides simple control and allows you to select a favorite color fade or static color. Easy-to-install on a new or existing aquarium, they are designed for any level aquarium hobbyist. For aquariums 20″ to 72″ in length, custom size background film for larger aquariums also available.