Below is Current USA’s list of Authorized Internet Resellers that are authorized to sell Current USA products online and extend all the warranty rights. Current USA products purchased from unauthorized resellers WILL NOT be covered under our warranty. Additionally, you may potentially run the risk of buying a reconditioned or refurbished unit from an unauthorized reseller.

Note: These are Authorized Internet Resellers that have valid e-commerce websites to support their business.  These resellers are authorized to sell Current USA products on only the websites listed below and no third-party sites.

Authorized Internet Resellers



Aqua Cave


Aqua Lab Aquaria



Aqua Plex Products, Inc. / Truvu


Aquarium Plants


Big Al’s Pets


Champion Lighting & Supply


Chewy, Inc.


Doctor’s Foster and Smith

Live Aquaria


Marine Depot


Saltwater Aquarium


That Fish Place That Pet Place


William Tricker