Basement Barb Aquascape with the Serene LED

Basement Barb Aquascape with the Serene LED Light Kit

Here’s a short video of our Serene LED Light Kit installed on a framed Aqueon 40-gallon breeder tank. It’s located in a home basement next to a bar and stocked schooling barbs including a few varieties of Tiger Barbs and Cherry Barbs.

The color fades produced by the background light helped set the ambiance for both the aquarium and entire bar room. For this aquascape and location, we selected a Red/Orange color fade for the background light with the main lights set in active RAIN mode for a few reasons:

RED is a very stimulating color that immediately attracts attention and creates feelings of vitality and passion (and increases your appetite!.) It’s also the perfect color for enhancing the red colors in cherry barbs.

ORANGE is an uplifting color that promotes happiness and stimulates optimism, enthusiasm, and friendliness. An Orange background also creates a “sunset” appearance which looks stunning on virtually any aquascape.

Active RAIN Mode dims the main lighting into a gentle blue fade, enhancing the overall look of the background light. It also keeps overall tank maintenance low (very little algae growth.)

We also selected a purple hue as a saved background color as it stimulates creativity and the imagination. It’s the perfect color setting for in a bar where stories are often told and created!

If your wondering which color fade works best for your aquarium, we have a few helpful color guides you can view below!