Serene 65 Aquarium System with Manzanita Aquascape


The Serene Aquarium 65 combines a modern, rimless ultra-clear 65-gallon glass aquarium, stylish reclaimed wood cabinet, hidden filtration system, brilliant LED lighting system, and professional aquascaping kit. It's the most complete freshwater aquarium system available and the only one featuring color therapy and binaural audio. Simple to set up, it ships virtually assembled and features our new SereneSun LED aquarium lighting system with illuminated background, audio, and wireless remote control.

Inspired by the slow-moving streams and tributaries found deep in the rainforest, MANZANITA provides the perfect habitat for tetras, barbs, and other schooling fish. Its elemental design creates a visually stunning balance of shape, color, and harmony.

Features include:

  • Ultra-clear, rimless 65-gallon glass aquarium with polished beveled edges and frosted glass background film
  • Stylish, reclaimed wood cabinetry with integrated IR sensor, ships fully assembled
  • New SereneSun RGB+W LED aquarium light with background lighting
  • Wireless 24-hour lighting and audio control with intuitive IR remote
  • Hidden inline OASE Biotherm filtration and heating system, pre-plumbed and water ready!
  • Manzanita Aquascaping Kit includes wood, stones, plants and pre-washed substrate


  • Volume: 65 gallons / 246 Liters
  • Dimensions: 48in. x 18in. x 18in.
  • Glass: Low Iron SuperBrite, 12mm thick
  • Pre-installed Frosted Background Film
  • Pre-installed Leveling Mat


  • 48” Serene Full Spectrum RGB+W Aquarium LED Light, 50w (1)
  • High Docking Mounts (2)
  • Serene Background Light, 16w (1)
  • Pre-installed: (1) Serene Digital 24-HR Controller w/IR Remote Control
  • Power Supply: 12V DC, UL Approved


  • Dimensions: 48” x 18” x 34”
  • Finish: Light Reclaimed Wood
  • Material: Wood (no warping, water-resistant)
  • Doors: (2)
  • Hardware: Soft Close Hinge
  • Assembly: Ships Assembled
  • Pre-installed: Leveling Feet
  • Pre-installed: Cabinet Mount IR Sensor
  • Pre-installed: Audio speakers (2x1w)


  • Canister Filter: OASE BioTherm, Self Priming 120V AC, UL Listed
  • Media: Mechanical Filter Pad (4), (1) Ceramic Bio-rings
  • Overflow Tubes: Frosted Clear w/Adjustable Return Nozzle
  • Heater: Inline Oase HeatUp 120V AC, UL Approved
  • Included: Cleaning Brush for Tubing
  • Assembly: Filtration and plumbing all pre-installed and water tested

Serene 65 Aquarium Specs


Serene 65 Aquarium System with Manzanita Aquascaping Kit includes:

  • SuperBrite Glass Aquarium 48″x18″x18″ – (1)
  • Reclaimed Wood Cabinet 48″x18″x34.5″ (pre-assembled) – (1)
  • Frosted Translucent Background Film (pre-installed) – (1)
  • Aquarium Leveling Mat(pre-installed) – (1)
  • SereneSun Aquarium Full Spectrum LED Light 48″, 50watts  w/Docking Mounts – (1)
  • Serene Background LED Light, 16w – (1)
  • Serene IR Controller with IR Remote (pre-installed) – (1)
  • Audio Speakers (pre-installed) – (1)
  • Power Center 6 outlet (pre-installed) – (1)
  • OASE Biotherm Canister Filter with media – (1)
  • Inline OASE HeatUp Heater – (1)
  • Translucent Inlet/Outlet Overflow Tubes – (1 set)
  • Manzanita Aquascaping Kit with Substrate – (1)

SERENE 65 Specifications

SERENE 65 Aquarium Quick Start Instructions

Serene 65 Aquarium System with Manzanita Aquascape
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