Whether you need a little extra flow for your African Cichlids, or want to increase surface agitation, eFlux wave pumps are a cinch to install and create amazing flow effects.


Add current. make waves. get shimmer.

eFlux wave pumps mimic the currents found in natural streams, rivers and lakes, creating tank wide circulation that:

  • Keeps your aquarium cleaner by dislodging dirt & debris
  • Creates surface agitation, increasing oxygen and gas exchange and enhancing shimmer effects
  • Keeps fish active, preventing fatty build-up

Simple by design.

Running virtually silent, the highly efficient pump propeller design coupled with a low voltage (and super safe) DC motor produces strong water movement using very little power. Compact in size, they are plug-and-play and can be placed virtually anywhere in your aquarium.

Find the eFlux Wave Pump that’s right for you.


Nano 6000/6004

    Flow Range: 132 – 660 gph (500-2500 lph)
    Power Range: 1 – 5 watts
    FW Aquarium Size: 40-65 gal.
    Max. Glass Thickness: 3/8″ / 10mm

    Flow Range: 210 – 1050 gph (795-3975 lph)
    Power Consumption: 2-10 watts
    FW Aquarium Size: 65-110 gallons
    Max Glass Thickness: 1/2″ / 12mm

    Flow Range: 420 – 2100 gph (1590-7950 lph)
    Power Consumption: 5-23 watts
    FW Aquarium Size: 90-210 gallons
    Max Glass Thickness: 5/8″/15mm

Point, tap, watch. It’s that simple.

eFlux Wave Pump Kits include wireless LOOP control with an easy-to-read LED display. So its easy to make waves, adjust the flow, even slow things down for feeding time. And if you want more flow, you can connect up to two additional accessory wave pumps.

flow where you need (and want) it

Adjustable swivel bracket provides directional water flow and the magnetic mounts install in seconds, providing easy access for adjustment and maintenance.

see how to clean your wave pumps video

More info

Model(s)Flow Range (gph)Watts RangeMax. Size
Marine Aquarium
Max. Size
Fresh Aquarium
Max. Wall
Glass Thickness
6000*/6004132 - 6601 - 545 gal. / 151L65 gal. / 246L3/8" / 10mm2.5" x 2" x 2"
6001*/6005210 - 10502 - 1060 gal. / 265L110 gal. / 416L1/2" / 12mm3" x 2" x 2"
6002*/6006420 - 21005 - 23125 gal. / 473L210 gal. / 663L5/8" / 15mm3.5" x 3.8" x 2.2"

*Wave Pumps operate in steady stream 100% flow and must be connected to a LOOP system for control.

eflux wave pump kit Includes:

  • eFlux wave pump
  • Magnetic swivel bracket
  • Digital LED display
  • Wireless IR remote
  • Wave pump HUB (connect up to 2 additional wave pumps)
  • 24V DC UL® power supply
  • Foam guard & cable protector
  • Instructions

eflux accessory wave pump Includes:

  • eFlux wave pump
  • Magnetic swivel bracket
  • 24V DC UL® power supply
  • Foam guard & cable protector
  • Instructions

Download Documents


Troubleshooting Tips
Instructions for programming Wave Pump #2 to Sync/Anti-Sync with Wave Pump #1

Using eFlux Wave Pump Controller & Remote

1. Press the PUMP 1 key, PUMP 1 LED will illuminate on the LED display.

2. Press WAVE or SURGE key, mode will illuminate on the LED display
3. Use the up/down arrow keys to adjust FLOW and FREQUENCY, display will adjust to desired programming.

4. Press the PUMP 2 key, PUMP 2 LED will illuminate on the LED display.

5. The P/S LED will turn off when PUMP 2 is in its own Primary programming mode.

6. To program PUMP 2 in Secondary Mode, Press PUMP 2 key.

7. Press the P/S key and HOLD for 5 seconds.
P/S LED will illuminate on the LED display.

To place back into Primary mode, simply press P/S and hold for 5 seconds.

Why is my IR remote control not working?

Please review the following troubleshooting tips:

1. Ensure the LOCK mode on your remote is not ON.If your using the LOOP Remote with lighting control, press the pink LOCK key at the bottom.The LOCK icon should not be displayed on the screen (should be off.) If using a Wave Pump remote, ensure LCK is not illuminated on the LED display screen.

2. Ensure you have a clear path to the IR receiver.The IR receiver is located on the LOOP Controller display, or via the IR sensor cable included with your product.If using the cable, ensure its plugged into the correct microUSB port and receiving signals.

3. If the lock feature is not turned on and the controller is not receiving signals from the remote – replace the battery in the remote with a new one.

What is the maximum thickness of glass that the magnets will work with?

The model 6000/6004 (660 gph) can be used on a maximum tank thickness of 3/8″ or 10mm.

The model 6001/6005 (1050 gph) can be used on a maximum tank thickness of 1/2″ or 12mm.

The model 6002/6006 (2100 gph) can be used on a maximum tank thickness of 5/8″ or 15mm.