How to Set up a Red Sea Reefer 250


Hi everyone, I’m Ike from Current-USA. Today we’re setting up a 36-inch Red Sea Reefer 250 with one of our 36-inch all-in-one LOOP Bundle Kits. We’re setting this tank up with a minimal aquascape.

We’ve had a lot of comments on our Youtube channel regarding the idea of hiding your wave pumps in the back of the tank. So with a minimum aquascape, you get a lot of water flow and it really allows you to focus on the animals. Biota has been kind enough to give us some really unique fish to put in the tank, as well as, some colorful corals. Some of which are brand new and are really hard for hobbyists to find, so you want to stick around and look for them.

So for the aquascape, we chose the Real Reef Branch Rock. We really like this rock. It’s pre-colored. It gave us some great locations for the coral. And, most importantly, it’s sustainable. Setting up a new reef aquarium is always a fun experience and when we set up this tank, we wanted to aquascape it with sustainability in mind. So we used a lot of real reef rock and branch rock, and it did provide some challenges but we’re really happy with how this aquarium turned out.

The Red Sea Reefer is obviously a very polished aquarium and the LOOP Marine Bundle was really easy to install and has us covered in the lighting and wave pumps. We were lucky enough to get some captive raised fish from Biota Aquaria and we got some captive bred Mandarin fish. They’re one of the most popular fish in the industry and the branch rock they actually use like a little jungle gym. Two of the other really popular fish we got are the new Rainfordi Gobies and Coral Beauty. Our little Coral Beauty is just the boss in this tank.

So we’ve got all of our corals in place, we’ve glued them where we like them. We finished the aquascape off with some gorgonians and we’ve got the fish stocked and we’re really happy with the results. The color difference between the purple rock and the green corals really make this aquarium stand out. We’ve got some really cool aquarium builds coming up, so be sure to click that subscribe button. And, thanks for watching!