LED Hanging Kit



The details

This versatile hanging kit provides an easy way to suspend LED lights above your aquarium, either from the ceiling or wall brackets.  It’s adjustable at the ceiling and light, providing a wide range of hanging heights over your tank.  Each kit includes 2 10″ aluminum rails with a center slot, allowing you to connect many types of LED strips and lights to it.


  • Includes quick-lock adjustment
  • Includes necessary hardware to mount from ceiling
  • Approximately 4ft total max of suspension height

What's Included

Each hanging kit includes:

  • 2 – Aluminum rails with center slot
  • 2 – Ceiling mount kits with cable
  • 6 – Ceiling screws
  • 6 – Drywall inserts
  • 4 – Cable insert mounting screws
  • 4 – Light clips (fits optional E-Series LED)



Ceiling to Connector Cable: 40″

Lighting Cable: 12″ each side (24″ total)

Aluminum Rail: 10″ (9″ Slot)