The corals in the system and your fish in your system depend on the equipment that you provide them. Lighting is supercritical with aquariums, reef aquariums in particular, and corals. So you want to make sure that you’re going to have a light that has the features that you need to keep those corals alive.

The wire management has gotten a lot more difficult in the past several years with the amount of devices that we have and just the sheer cords and just trying to keep it all clean. LOOP was exciting for us when it came into the picture. It’s really made when we go to do a turnkey setup, It’s just plug and play. The LOOP interface makes the clients experience with their aquarium just so much more easy and so much more enjoyable.

The LOOP is basically an all-inclusive system where you’re going to have one brand that you can rely on. You’re going to get one controller that you can sit there and you can show your lights, you can control your wave pumps, and you control your return pump. So it’s kind of an all-in-one package. It’s just really nice to have that simplicity and to know that it’s quality.

We want to make sure if we’re doing an insulation that it looks professional and so by having that power center allows me to conceal my cords, make them bundled up in a nice neat manner — that’s really critical for me. Our customers are reliant on our professionalism and our expertise to make sure that they’re successful. By me picking a product, I’m basically putting my reputation, our company’s reputation, on the line so the LOOP allows me to make sure that when we walk out that the client is just stoked with the quality of installation that they just got. My name is David Ragan, I am the President Founder of Reliant Aquarium Design. We’re a San Diego based aquarium design installation and maintenance company.