LOOP R24 REEF LED Pump Nano Bundle

Perfect for all-in-one nano reef aquariums up to 24″.



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Ideal for nano-reef aquariums and all-in-one reef tanks with internal filter chambers, the LOOP R24 Reef LED light and pump bundle combines high-intensity coral lighting with controllable water flow – all controlled via your smartphone.

The all-new R24 LED Reef light delivers eye-popping color rendition and incredible brightness, providing optimal coral growth. Featuring a higher ratio of blue spectrum dual 5w LEDs balanced with full spectrum creates the perfect color combination for corals to color up, grow healthy, and look amazing.

Running virtually silent, an eFlux® wave pump produces pulsing waves or surging water currents while an eFlux® DC flow pump efficiently returns water to the aquarium from the back filter chamber. Included mounting accessories keep the power supplies, controller HUBs, and all cables organized for a clean, professional install.

Included LOOP® Bluetooth® controller monitors water temperature and connects the entire system via the LOOP® smart aquarium app. Schedule lighting on/off times, adjust wave pump flow modes, dial in return water flow, slow things down with feed mode – all with a simple touch.

Perfect for mixed reef aquariums up to 24″ (SPS reefs 20″x20″) with built-in filtration (AIO).

Features include:

  • Simple installation, includes everything for lighting and water flow
  • Orbit R24 LED Reef light producing vivid colors, soothing shimmer and peak coral growth
  • Flex Arm with tank mount* bracket for easy install and adjustability
  • 660gph eFlux Wave Pumps to mimic water currents vital for coral health
  • 530gph eFlux DC Pump for efficient water circulation
  • Smart App control c mobile device via LOOP Bluetooth Controller with temperature
*For rimless or framed aquariums up to 1″ thick. For larger framed tanks, order Tank Mount Stand Adaptor (sold separately)

What's Included

LOOP R24 REEF LED Pump Nano Bundle includes:

1 x Orbit R24 LED Reef Light, 52w (w/12V DC UL Power Supply)
1 x Flex Arm Tank Mount
1 x eFlux 660gph Wave Pump (w/24V DC UL Power Supply)
1 x 520gph eFlux DC Flow Pump (w/24V DC UL Power Supply, Inlet/Outlet Fittings)
1 x LOOP Bluetooth Controller w/Temperature Sensor
1 x 48″ Extension Cable
Cable wraps


ModelFor SPS / LPS ReefsSofties / Shallow TanksLED LightingWave PumpsDC Flow PumpFlex Arms Tank
Total Max. Watts
440320" x 20"24" x 24"Qty 1-Orbit R24 Reef LED 52wQty 1-eFlux 660 gpheFlux 520 gph180
440420" x 20"24" x 24"Qty 1-Orbit R24 Reef LED 52wQty 2-eFlux 1,050 gpheFlux 1,050 gph1105
440536" x 20"48" x 24"Qty 2-Orbit R24 Reef LED 52w Qty 2-eFlux 1,050 gpheFlux 1,900 gph2185
440648" x 20"60" x 24"Qty 3-Orbit R24 Reef LED 52wQty 2-eFlux 2,100 gpheFlux 3,170 gph3290