Current USA’s trademarks are protected nationally and include trademarks and registered trademarks for Current, Orbit, Satellite, LOOP and eFlux and other logos, symbols, icons, graphics, phrases, taglines, trade dress or images that identify the source or origin of Current USA brand products. The use of the protected Intellectual Property listed above, or any other Intellectual Property belonging to Current USA is for use ONLY by authorized distributors, qualifying retailers or authorized internet resellers. Use is strictly prohibited by anyone who does not meet the criteria outlined in the Authorized Distributor / Internet Reseller Requirements, above, or who Current USA determines unauthorized.

Upon request by Current USA, your business will place proper trademark, copyright and/or patent notices in its advertisements, promotional brochures and other marketing materials for Current USA brand products. Current USA reserves the right to review your marketing and sales materials prior to their publication or use. No rights shall inure to you as a result of any such use or reference, and all such rights, including goodwill shall inure to the benefit of and be vested in Current USA.

Infringement by Third Parties

You will cooperate fully with and assist Current USA in its efforts to protect its intellectual property rights and shall immediately advise Current USA if you have knowledge of any infringement of any patents, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights owned or used by Current USA.

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