Panorama Marine LED Kits

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The details

  • High output LEDs create mesmerizing natural shimmer and color
  • Dimmable, controllable, independent regulate of white and blue channels
  • High PAR for increased coral growth & color
  • Brilliant 12,000K white and 445nm Royal Blue LED color spectrums
  • 24VDC low voltage, protected for aquarium use

Visual Inspiration.

Gone are the days of unsightly light fixtures, lamp replacements, and noisy fans. Prepare for intense shimmer, amazing color, and endless mood-setting possibilities. Encompassing the most efficient features of our high-end Panorama Pro Systems in a powerful, sleek one-and-done LED lighting solution. Packed with an array of unprecedented features and benefits you’ve assured a really panoramic view of your fish and coral.

With a simple turn of a dial, you’ll be able to increase or decrease the intensity of the white and blue LED’s. Independently adjust from a deep blue to a super crisp white – It’s never been easier to create stunning mood and moonlighting effects. A mirrored aluminum reflector and perfectly blended LED’s create mesmerizing natural shimmer essential for growth, appearance, and the health of your coral and fish. Operating on 24 volts means no induced voltage into your aquarium leading to ailments such as lateral line disease, and no risk of shock. Since there are no lamps to replace, there’s no hazardous mercury for disposal.

Place it directly on your aquarium, or to the inside of your canopy. Every Panorama Marine LED system includes an LED strip, polished reflector, inline dimmers, adjustable docking legs, canopy brackets, and a 24VDC transformer. We recommend one Panorama Marine for marine fish and soft coral tanks. Controllable and dimmable, they’re compatible with the Simple OneTouch controller.

**Available ONLY while supplies last**


Color Spectrum: 12000K/445NM Royal Blue

Max. Power: 25w / 50w

Voltage: 24V DC

Product Dimensions: 22.75″L x 1.75″W x 0.4″ H / 46.75″L x 1.75″W x 0.4″ H

Cable Length: 2 x 36″

Brand: Ecoxotic

LED Configuration:

  • 24″ – 12 x 12k White / 8 x 445nm Blue
  • 48″- 24 x 12k White / 16 x 445nm Blue

What's Included

Panorama LED Kit includes:

  • 1 x 24″or 1 x 48″ 12K/Blue Panorama LED Strip
  • 1 x Polished Reflector (Pre-installed)
  • 2 x Aquarium Docking Mounts
  • 2 x Canopy Brackets
  • 2 x Inline Dimmers
  • 1 x 3-Way Splitter
  • 1 x 24V DC Power Supply