eFlux Aquarium Wave Pump Kit 660 gph with Wireless Control


Corals thrive on the motion found in the ocean and their beauty is one reason you likely have a reef tank. eFlux wave pumps mimic the currents found on natural reefs, creating tank-wide circulation that:

  • Helps prevents “dead zones” around your corals
  • Makes your aquarium cleaner by dislodging detritus
  • Keeps corals active and healthy
  • Prevents fatty build-up by keeping fish active


Running virtually silent, the highly efficient pump propeller design coupled with a low voltage (and super safe) DC motor produces strong water movement using very little power. Compact in size, place them virtually anywhere in your aquarium


The adjustable swivel design provides directional water flow precisely where you need it most and installs in seconds. The magnetic bracket installs in seconds, allowing you to position it virtually anywhere, and providing easy access for adjustment and cleaning. Wireless IR remote provides an effortless way to program up to 3 eFlux wave pumps. LED display provides current flow mode and adjustable flow from 0-100%.

Flow Modes include:

  • WAVE / PULSE MODE - Mimics pulsing wave action found on reef crests. Wave Pulse 0.3 to 7 sec.
  • SURGE MODE - Simulates surging water currents found around reefs. Surge Frequency 7 to 90 sec.
  • STREAM MODE - Produces a steady flow of water current for tank-wide circulation or directional flow. Adjust Flow: 0-100%
  • FEED MODE - Temporarily turns pumps off for 10 minutes, allowing fish to eat during feeding times.


eFlux Wave Pump Kits are expandable, allowing you to connect up to 2 additional accessory wave pumps. Sync/anti-sync multiple wave pumps to create even more flow modes or add more flow as your reef grows.

Kit Model / Accessory Model Flow Range (gph)
Watts Range
Max. Size
Marine Aquarium
Max. Size
Freshwater Aquarium
Max. Wall
Glass Thickness
Wave Pump Dimensions
6004 132 - 660 1 - 5 40 gal. / 151L 65 gal. / 246L 3/8" / 10mm 2.5" x 2" x 2"
6005 210 - 1050 2 - 10 70 gal. / 265L 110 gal. / 416L 1/2" / 12mm 3" x 2" x 2"
6006 420 - 2100 5 - 23 125 gal. / 473L 175 gal. / 663L 5/8" / 15mm 3.5" x 3.8" x 2.2"



Each eFlux Dual Wave Pump Kit includes:

  • 1 eFlux Wave Pump 660 gph
  • 1 Magnetic swivel brackets
  • 1 24V DC UL transformer
  • 1 eFlux LED pump display
  • 1 eFlux IR remote control
  • 1 Wave pump manifold HUB
  • 2 Foam guards and cable protectors
  • 1 Instructions

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eFlux Aquarium Wave Pump Kit 660 gph with Wireless Control
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