Fountain Grass Dark Green with Weighted Base


Bursting with natural colors and lifelike texture, dark Green Fountain Grass is the perfect mid-ground filler plant. Often placed between rocks and/or driftwood branches to create a feeling of lush, dense growth. Detailed and lifelike, its extra-thick wide grassy blades feature a bright green color with dark red highlights. Combine with our Seiryu Stones and/or Manzanita Branches to create a stylistic and complete hardscape.

  • Add Rich Tones and Lush Green Colors
  • Natural LifeLike Texture
  • Extra Thick Grassy Blades
  • Pre-attached Weighted Base, Ready-to-Use
  • 100% Aquarium Safe / Non-toxic
  • Made in USA San Diego, CA

Fountain Grass is a versatile hardscape plant and works well to simply add a splash of rich dark green color. Mounted on a weighted Brookstone base blends in with most natural aquarium substrates and sinks immediately. Completely non-toxic and will not alter pH or water chemistry. Use in freshwater or marine aquariums, terrariums, paludariums, reptiles, or as an outdoor accent in fountains, ponds, and water features.

  • Dims: 10" Tall x 9" Wide
  • Color: Dark Green (color may vary plant to plant)
  • Recommended Aquarium Sizing: 1-2 plants for every 18" of Aquarium Length
Fountain Grass Dark Green with Weighted Base
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