eFlux Wave Pump Kits


You’ve never experienced your aquarium quite like this. With LOOP control, eFlux wave pumps are able to mimic ocean waves and surging currents in entirely new ways. This isn’t only cool for you, its vital for your corals and reef inhabitants.  They provide tank wide circulation, improving water quality and promoting strong coral growth and fish health. Adjust flow mode, velocity, sync pumps, even turn them off for feeding.

Running virtually silent, they use safe direct current (DC) and are completely controllable, generating multiple modes of water flow for any size reef aquarium.


Just what your tank needs.

Right where it needs it.

Easy Wireless Control

Wireless IR remote provides an effortless way to program up to 3 eFlux wave pumps.  Wave pumps 1 & 2 can be programmed into multiple flow modes and synced together, while wave pump 3 provides a steady stream of adjustable water flow.  The LED display provides current mode of flow and velocity.

Magnetic Mount

eFlux Wave Pumps use a magnetic bracket which is easy to install and allows you to position the pump virtually anywhere in your aquarium.  A silicone  pad absorbs vibration, allowing the pumps to run virtually silent.

Direct The Flow

The adjustable swivel bracket provides directional water flow precisely where you need it most. Whether you want to direct surging water current at an anemone or produce wave action on the water surface, simply pivot the pump in the direction you want water current and watch it flow.

Watch the eFlux Wave Pumps on Video

Movement Synchronized

Multiple flow modes simulate currents found on coral reefs

Wave Pulse Mode

Simulates wave action found on reef crests by pulsing pump on/off.
  • Pulse frequency adjustable from 0.3 to 7.0 seconds
  • Flow adjustable from 10% to 100%.

Surge Flow

Simulates surging water currents found naturally on coral reefs.
  • Surge frequency adjustable from 7 to 90 seconds
  • Flow adjustable from 10% to 100%

Steady / Stream Mode

Produces a steady flow of water current ideal for providing tank wide circulation or directional water flow.
  • Adjustable flow from 10% to 100%

Feed Mode

On-demand feed mode temporarily turns pumps off for 10 minutes, allowing fish to eat during feeding times.
Synchronize two wave pumps to run opposite flow modes

Connect, Control, Synchronize

Once you experience LOOP, you’ll understand why this is the future.

eFlux wave pump kits allow you to connect up to two additional eFlux accessory wave pumps.  Add an additional wave pump and sync it with another to provide gyre flow, or add a third for even more flow.  You can also upgrade your controller to Bluetooth when available.  eFlux wave pump kits work seamlessly with Orbit IC LED lights and other eFlux pumps as part of a LOOP® network.

Expandable. Upgradeable.

LOOP® is the first and only system designed for connecting and syncing lights, pumps and other accessories into a single, controllable network.

Expandable and upgradeable, LOOP® is the most affordable intelligent control solution focused on ease of operation and user experience.

  • Eflux 660

  • EFlux 1050

  • eFlux 2100

What’s Included

  • eFlux wave pump
  • Magnetic swivel bracket
  • 24V DC UL transformer
  • eFlux LED pump display
  • eFlux wave pump remote
  • Wave pump manifold HUB
  • Foam guard & cable protector
  • Instructions
eFlux Wave Pump Kit Specifications
ModelDescriptionFlow Range gphWatts RangeFor Size AquariumMax. Tank Wall ThicknessDimensions
6000eFlux Wave Pump Kit, 660132 - 6601 - 5Up to 55 gal. 3/8" x 10mm2.5" x 2" x 2"
6001eFlux Wave Pump Kit, 1050210 - 10502 - 10Up to 75 gal.1/2" / 12mm3" x 2" x 2"
6002eFlux Wave Pump Kit, 2100420 - 21005 - 23Up to 125 gal.5/8" x 15mm3.5" x 3.8" x 2.2"
eFlux Wave Pump Kit Accessories

#4180 LOOP Extension Cable

Measures 9 ft./3m, compatible with Orbit IC LED aquarium lights, eFlux Wave Pumps and eFlux DC Flow pumps.

eFlux Wave Pump Prefilter Foam

#3239 Prefilter Foam 3/pk. 660

#3240 Prefilter Foam 3/pk. 1050

#3241 Prefilter Foam 3/pk. 2100