Now you can shift the color of your aquatic environment without shifting your body with the industry’s first freshwater optimized, RGB+White, wireless remote controlled LED fixture.



Super bright 6500K White LEDs are paired with full-spectrum RGB LEDs to offer every color under the sun (and a few that aren’t) all controlled from a single 32-key customizable wireless IR remote.


The sleek, low profile aluminum housing measures less than ½” thick and keeps things cool. High brightness LEDs produce an amazing amount of light, making colors vibrant and producing stunning shimmer.


Ready to enter the world of countless possibilities? The Satellite LED+ features amazing effects, plus each color is individually adjustable for endless color blends. Create fading cloud cover, even watch a thunderstorm with lightning strikes – all on-demand.


The Satellite LED Plus RGB+W color blend set the standard in the industry. It’s the perfect color blend to provide brilliant color enhancement while producing strong plant growth. So whether you’re growing plants or African cichlids, it’s the ideal light for any freshwater aquascape.

The perfect fit.

Sliding docking legs allow quick and easy adjustments for a wide variety of installations. Low voltage, 12V DC, IP65 rated LEDs making them super safe for aquarium use. High output LED chips with 120-degree dispersion angle provides optimal spread and color blending.


Wireless remote control Features:

  • 4 Color Spectrum Adjustment RGB+W
  • 6 Color Presets
  • 4 Custom Color Memory Settings
  • 12 On-Demand Weather Effects
  • Power ON / OFF
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dynamic effects.

Beyond the world of endless color spectrums, the Satellite LED Plus also features dynamic lighting modes like cloud cover effects, storms with lightning and innovative evening modes that include lunar and dusk – it’s sure to add excitement and intrigue to any aquarium.

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ModelFits AquariumsDimensionsWatts# LED's
6,500K White
400518"-24"16.8” x 3.5” x 0.44”133618
400624"-36"22.8” x 3.5” x 0.44”184824
400736"-48"34.8” x 3.5” x 0.44”257236
400848"-60"46.8” x 3.5” x 0.44”309648

Each Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Includes:
  • 1 Satellite LED Plus Light fixture
  • 2 Adjustable docking mounts
  • 1 Inline color controller
  • 1 12V DC UL® transformer
  • 1 Wireless remote control
  • Instructions

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Will the Satellite LED Plus grow live plants?

Yes, the Satellite LED will produce enough light to grow low & medium level plants like Java Moss, Java ferns, banana plants, Anubia, Hornwort and Anacharis, Val, Bocopa, Cryptocoryne, Hygrophilia. A reference guide can be found here:

Satellite LED Series Light Output Specfications

What is the difference between the Satellite LED Plus Version 1 and Version 2?

Version 1 was manufactured pre-2019 and features an internal color controller (built-into fixture), with an external IR sensor.

Version 2 (manufactured after 2019) features an inline push-button controller with IR sensor.

What size fixture should I use for my aquarium?

We always recommend using the light that matches up with the length of your aquarium (ie. 48″ aquarium, 48″-60″ Satellite LED+).If your aquarium is in-between sizes (ie.30″), we recommend using the light that matches closest to your aquarium length (ie. 30″ aquarium, 24″-36″ Satellite LED+).

Is the Satellite LED Plus compatible with any of the Ramp Timers?

Version 1 (controller built-in fixture, external IR sensor) is ONLY compatible with our Single Ramp Timer in ON/OFF mode only (it is not designed to be ramped up/down) or standard wall timers.

Version 2 (2019, inline controller) is compatible with standard 24 hour wall timers or our Satellite LED+ PRO 24 hr. controller.

Can I use a standard wall timer with the Satellite LED? Will it remember my last light setting?

Yes, a standard 24-hour wall timer will work fine with the light and it will turn on/off to its last setting.