Serene LED Controller – Programming Daily ON/OFF with a Custom Scene

Simple 24 Hr. On/Off Timer Programming Guide (Timer A Mode)

Here’s a quick guide to scheduling a daily On/Off lighting program with the Serene Controller / Satellite LED Plus+Timer. It’s the perfect lighting schedule for aquariums installed in offices, restaurants, waiting rooms, or even your home.

Timer A Mode combines a Custom Scene with ON/OFF times, allowing you to program:

Daily ON Time – time of day light turns ON (no ramp)
Main Light Color Spectrum – select either a custom color spectrum or an on-demand fade program
Background Light Color Spectrum – select either a custom color spectrum or an on-demand fade program (optional)
Binaural Audio Program – select any nature sound audio program (optional)
OFF Time – time of day light turns OFF(no dim)

VIEW Default Scheduling Scene (Pre-programmed)

The below diagram shows the default Timer A program installed with Serene:

If you would like to download these instructions in a pdf format, simple click HERE.



Troubleshooting - Lights not turning ON or Off at the correct times

When your controller is not operating correctly, we recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

1. **Make sure to Press RESUME TIMER to enter into the timer mode.
2. Ensure your timer settings are in 24:00 Hrs.
3. Press the “S” key and ensure your custom scene settings are properly programmed.
4. Make sure no other IR remotes are interfering with your settings (use the LOCK key to locck your settings).

Can I use Timer A Mode without a background light or audio?

Yes, you can skip the above steps during programming or simply have those components unplugged.

Can I program the controller to turn my light on late at night, then turn off in the morning?

Yes, the controller will operate normally this way.

What happens if I have a power outage?

The Serene LED controller features an internal battery backup and flash memory.The battery will allow the internal timer to run for 36-48 hrs, while the flash memory stores all settings.Once power turns back on, your light should operate as normal.

Can I connect my light to a standard wall timer?

Yes, most wall plug-in timers work just fine. We recommend programming a custom scene following the steps above – but setting BOTH the ON and OFF time to 00:00. This keeps the light on 24/7 and allows you to use the wall plug-in timer.

Is there a video for programming steps?

Yes, here are videos for programming Timer A and Timer B Modes: