Simple LED Controller 1-10V



The details

The Simple OneTouch is a light-controlling powerhouse that automatically sets dawn, dusk, and moonlighting all with the press of a button. Just plug it in and replicate the natural light cycle with a single touch.

The OneTouch Controller gives you any time access to endless lighting schemes. Two independent lighting channels allow for separate control of the white and blue spectrums. You just press a button and program when sunrise starts and the sunsets. The included OneTouch remote gives you on-demand control of turning light channels on or off, fade them for cool cloud cover effects, or simply cue the moon. The simple IR remote control interface makes it easy to find whatever you’re in the mood for.

Sunrise/Sunset – gradually increases and decreases the intensity of each channel over 30 minutes

Cloud Cover – gently fade each light channel to mimic cloud cover and storm effects

Moon Lighting – replicate the lunar cycle to illuminate lively nocturnal creatures

Features: pre-programmed 24 Hr. lighting schedules, two independent light channels, on-demand fading, moonlighting or on/o ff, internal memory stores last setting, remote control for easy programming.

Compatible with most LED drivers or LED lights with 0-10V control.
Please note: this product requires either a 12V DC transformer – not included.


Light Channels: 2

Dimensions: 5.1″ x 2.5″ x 1.2″

Display: LCD Backlit

Input/Output: 12 VDC

Dimming Type: 0-10V

IR Sensor Cable Length: 36″

Input/Output Cable Length: 6″