Current-USA ONLY sells products through authorized resellers. ONLY authorized Current-USA resellers can convey our Current-USA manufacturers warranty. Not every retailer advertising Current-USA products has been authorized to advertise or sell our products. Unauthorized resellers may be selling used, damaged, second-hand or altered products (including products that have had serial numbers removed or altered) and these products are not covered under our warranty. Warranties are non-transferable. Second-hand, open box or altered products, including sales from websites such as Ebay are not covered under our manufacturers warranty.

A note about sellers on Amazon.com: Many resellers who sell through Amazon.com are NOT authorized resellers of Current-USA products. When purchasing Current-USA products on Amazon.com, it is important to note where the product is being “shipped from and sold by,” which is stated clearly in the header for each product. Please locate the reseller’s name and ensure it is NOT listed below, or you can contact us before you purchase.

The following companies are NOT authorized to sell Current-USA products (this list is not inclusive):

  • BlueStarAquarium – Amazon Reseller
  • ValueGroupie – Amazon Reseller
  • Product Galaxy – Amazon Reseller
  • Zany Values – Amazon Reseller
  • SeaCorals – Amazon Reseller
  • Westside Resale – Amazon Reseller
  • Bertha M Thompson – Amazon Reseller
  • Fat Happy Pets – Amazon Reseller
  • Justabovecost – Amazon Reseller
  • Gatzies – Amazon Reseller
  • CoralTrade – Ebay Seller
  • Allquatics15 – Ebay Seller
  • Teestoppers53 – Ebay Seller
  • Starfishman14 – Ebay Seller
  • Ba32077 – Ebay Seller
  • poswrhse – Ebay Seller
  • bigfishrick41 – Ebay Seller