TrueLumen PRO 48″ 12,000K White LED Striplight Bundle

These sleek, aluminum LED lights are packed with ultra-bright 12,000K White LEDs rivaling even the brightest T5’s. Bundle includes LED light, dimmer, mounting system and UL approved power supply.

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The details

Minimal Presence. Maximum Performance.

  • Crisp 12,000K white color spectrum
  • Brilliant shimmer and color rendition
  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Inline dimmer adjusts brightness 0-100%
  • Water-resistant (IP65), completely silent
  • Low profile, perfect for space-limited applications

View your aquarium at a whole new level with TrueLumen Pro LED bundles. These sleek aluminum LED strips look cool on any aquarium and are packed with ultra-bright LEDs rivaling even the brightest T5’s. You’ll not only see the amazing shimmer and stunning color rendition in your fish and plants, but you’ll also experience less algae growth and maintenance.

Crisp 12,000K white casts a brilliant spectrum of light for freshwater aquariums. You’ll see incredible shimmer effects while making colors pop in your fish and plants. Featuring an extremely low profile IP65 water-resistant aluminum design, it’s the perfect LED light for aquascapes featuring branches or wood that emerge above the water surface.  A dense array of super-efficient, powerful SMD led chips with 120-degree lenses spreads light uniformly over the entire aquascape. Excellent for adding shimmer, promoting strong plant growth, and enhancing colors – they are a simple and safe solution for freshwater aquarists from the hobbyist to the professional. Compatible with most 24-hour wall timers.


LED Strip Dimensions: 48″ x 0.8″ x 0.7″
Color Spectrum: 12,000K White
Maximum Watts: 30
Lumens: 3450
Total LEDs: 288
Lens: 120 Degrees
LED Input Voltage: 24VDC
Power Supply: Input 100-220VAC, 50/60Hz, Output 24VDC-2.5A, UL
Certifications: IP65, ETL Approved Light Strip, UL Approved Power Supply
Tank mounts: Lift the LED strip 1.5″ above the tank.
Expandable: Add additional LED strips using a splitter or connecting directly to ramp timer.

What's Included

Each TrueLumen Pro LED strip light bundle includes:

  • 1 48″ TrueLumen PRO LED Light 12,000 K White
  • 2 Swivel hanging mounts w/screws
  • 2 Aluminum Tank Docking Legs
  • 1 Inline Dimmer
  • 1 24V DC Power Supply 60w
  • 1 Plastic Protective Tube
  • 1 Instructions