Small Button Leaf Plant Light Green 6 Pk


Finish your aquascape by adding lush green color to the foreground and mid-ground with small Button Leaf Plants. Perfect for any size aquarium, natural-looking Button Leaf plants feature translucent green petals that closely mimic live aquarium plants and won't fade. Its dense, light green stems stand firm in water currents and are perfect for placing in front of or between rocks, caves, or pieces of driftwood. 

  • Creates ground cover and texture
  • Adds a splash of lush green color
  • Natural lifelike appearance
  • Perfect for foregrounds, blending with rocks
  • Pre-attached Weighted Base, Ready-to-Use
  • 100% Aquarium Safe / Non-toxic
  • Made in USA, San Diego, CA

Easy to install, simply cover the weighted base with the substrate to secure in place.
Button plants are great for displaying with other plants as a group to add color and texture. Mounted on a weighted Brookstone base blends in with most natural aquarium substrates and sinks immediately. High-quality thermoplastic construction is completely non-toxic and will not alter pH or water chemistry. Use in freshwater aquariums, terrariums, paludariums, reptiles, or as an outdoor accent in fountains, ponds, and water features.


Dims: 2" Tall x 1.5" Wide, includes a package of 6 plants.
Recommended Aquarium Sizing: 6-12 plants for every 18" of Aquarium Length

Small Button Leaf Plant Light Green 6 Pk
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