Now BRIGHTER than ever.

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25 Years of Aquarium
Lighting Innovation

Everything about the Orbit IC makes your tank come to life, creating the ultimate visually stimulating experience. Featuring a wider color spectrum than competing light fixtures and individually controlled IC chips, it will make your tank look like it’s in high definition. No loud cooling fans, no PC required, simple to install and program.

Make Waves with the
eFlux Wave Pump Kit

You’ve never experienced your aquarium quite like this. eFlux Wave Pumps are able to mimic ocean waves and surging currents in entirely new ways. This isn’t only cool for you, it’s vital for your corals and reef inhabitants. They provide tank wide circulation, improving water quality and promoting strong coral growth and fish health.

Synchronize Your Aquarium
with the LOOP system

LOOP® is the first and only system specifically designed for connecting and syncing lights, pumps and accessories to a single, controllable network. From programming a daily light cycle with weather patterns, to creating surging water flow, LOOP® is designed to help you get the most from your aquarium components.

  • Connect and customize your Orbit Marine IC LED lights

  • Mimic waves and surging water currents found naturally on coral reefs

  • When it’s feeding time, pause water movement and let your fish and corals eat in peace

  • Sync and control your eFlux Wave Pumps