If your order is marked as delivered by the carrier, but has not been received:

1. Reach out to the carrier ASAP regarding the issue. We find it is best to speak to with either your postal carrier (for USPS shipments) or your driver (for FedEx or UPS shipments). If that is not possible, reach out to the carrier’s customer service department.

FedEx: 1.800.GoFedEx (1.800.463.3339)
UPS: 1.888.742.5877
USPS: 1.800.ASK.USPS (1.800.275.8777)

The sooner you make them aware of the issue, the better the chances are that they can rectify the issue and locate your package.

2. Talk to your neighbors. It is possible the package was simply delivered to the wrong address. If you live in a complex or multiunit residence, check with others who may have received the package for you (i.e. doorman, front desk, property/leasing office, etc.). Additional, connect with other members of your household and make sure they did not receive the order on your behalf.

By following the steps listed above, we have found that the vast majority of packages are recovered.

Additionally, please consider the following steps:
• Verify the shipping address
• Look for a notice of attempted delivery
• Look around the delivery location for your package (yard, driveway, other entrances, mailbox, etc.)

3. If above steps are completed and the allotted time recommend by the carrier has passed, please reach out to us. At this point, we will have to open a claim. This is the time to submit any “proof” or documentation that could be used in the claim (security video at time of alleged delivery time, correspondences with carrier, invoices/receipts, etc.). This is also the point where we can evaluate the situation and see if a replacement is the next course of action. For assistance, please email [] with your name, order #, date of purchase, and a description of your issue.

TIP: If package theft or mis-delivery is common in your area, you can also consider requesting to pick up your order at a local facility. Most carriers offer this option, which holds the package for safekeeping at their facility instead of delivering direct to your doorstep. Please contact your carrier for details.

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