Nano-Reef Orbit IC LED Light and eFlux Wave Pump Bundle 18"


The perfect bundle for any nano-reef aquarium! Includes 18" Orbit Marine IC LED light with 660gph eFlux Wave Pump and controlled with LOOP IR wireless control.

Producing eye-popping color and amazing color rendition, full-spectrum color control allows you to create the perfect color spectra for your reef. A powerful blend of Dual Actinic blue 445nm/460nm, Dual Daylight white 6,700K/10,000K, and RGB LEDs combined with 90° spherical optical lenses delivers the perfect blend of light for strong coral growth and amazing fluorescence.

The nano-sized eFlux wave pump features adjustable flow up to 660gph and mimics the currents found on natural reefs, creating tank-wide circulation. A magnetic swivel bracket is a cinch to install provides directional water flow precisely where you need it most. Position it virtually anywhere in your tank while still having easy access for adjustment and cleaning.

  • 24 hour on/off time with gradual sunrise, sunset, daylight, moonlight
  • Adjustable color spectrums and intensity
  • 6 on-demand weather effects
  • Wave pump control for up to 3 wave pumps
  • Control flow mode, flow rate, even feed mode
  • Easy-to-program infrared remote
  • Digital display with battery backup
9001 18"-24" 16.8” x 3.5” x 0.44” 21 36 660 gph eFlux LOOP Infrared w/ Remote
9002 24"-36" 22.8” x 3.5” x 0.44” 27 48 660 gph eFlux LOOP Infrared w/ Remote
9003 18"-24" 16.8” x 7.25” x 0.44” 42 72 660 gph eFlux LOOP Infrared w/ Remote
9004 24"-36" 22.8” x 7.25” x 0.44” 54 96 660 gph eFlux LOOP Infrared w/ Remote
  • Orbit® Marine IC LED Light(s) with docking mounts
  • 1 eFlux 660 gph Wave Pump
  • 1 LOOP® Light and Wave Pump Controller w/mounting bracket
  • 1 LOOP® Light HUB w/mounting bracket (controls two lights)
  • 1 Wave Pump HUB w/mounting bracket (controls three wave pumps)
  • 1 Wireless IR Remote Control
  • 1 Remote IR Sensor
  • 1 12VDC UL® Approved Power Supply
  • 1 24VDC UL® Approved Power Supply
  • 1 Instructions

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Nano-Reef Orbit IC LED Light and eFlux Wave Pump Bundle 18"
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