3 x 52w R24 REEF LED with Flex Arm Tank Mount


Bring your reef to a whole new level with the R24 Reef LED and Flex Arm Tank Mount Bundle. Delivering a light intensity and color spectrum specifically for corals, it provides optimal growth, eye-popping color rendition, and brilliant shimmer.

Packing a compact array of powerful dual-core LED chips, the new Orbit 52w R24 REEF LED delivers a precisely optimized blend of color and intensity. A higher ratio of blue spectrum LEDs balanced with full spectrum creates the perfect color combination for corals to color up, grow healthy, and look amazing. Proprietary optical lenses ensure a perfect blend of color, spread, shimmer, and penetration.

  • Ideal for nano-reefs and AIO reef aquariums
  • Blue dominant with UV color spectrum for SPS corals
  • Marine-grade, solid aluminum body
  • Thermostatically controlled active cooling
  • Smart App control with Bluetooth
  • 4-channel color control, 0-100% intensity
  • 100+ PAR at 20″




High Performance By Design
Every aspect of the Orbit R24 LED is designed around performance. Its marine-grade aluminum body features a thermally efficient wide channel heat sink, providing unrestricted air flow increasing LED performance and life expectancy. Thermostatically controlled active cooling operates only when necessary, keeping things cool and quiet.

Integrated smart App control with Bluetooth® provides complete control and scheduling for your LED lights, wave pumps, and DC pumps. The included sensor monitors water temperature, connecting everything via your mobile device.

The included Flex Arm Tank Mount kit makes it easy to mount and position your Orbit R24 REEF LED light while providing a stylish, modern look. A flexible gooseneck-style arm allows simple yet versatile LED positioning, ensuring optimal coverage and intensity. The ABS tank mount bracket is saltwater reef safe and provides vertical and angular adjustment plus light rotation for easy maintenance. The flexible silicone-covered arm is 21" long and designed to mount directly to the rim of most aquariums up to 1" thick.

Flex Arm Kit Features:

  • Sleek, modern, minimal look
  • Easy to install, simple to adjust
  • Fits any rimless or framed aquarium up to 1" thick
  • Integrated cable management



    High-efficiency 5w Dual LED chips peaking in the 420-460nm wavelengths produce the ideal spectrum for strong coral growth and color.

    Producing a recommended spread of 24″ x 24″ (20″ x 20″ for SPS corals), it emits 100µMol+ PAR at 24″ – perfect for nano-tanks and AIO aquariums. Balancing power and light spread, custom-designed optical lenses with proprietary silicone optics prevent any UV degradation. This ensures maximum optical efficiency and color blending.


    • Dims: 5.2 x 5.2 x 1.7in. (13.2×13.2×4.3cm)
    • Max Power: 52.3W
    • Input Voltage: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz
    • Output Voltage: 12V DC
    • Power Supply: UL, cUL, GS, CE

    *PAR / PPFD measured with light center-mounted 8 inches above 24x24x24in. tank (total height 32in.) using an Apogee SQ-520 sensor.



    3 x 52W R24 Reef LED Bundle with Flex Arm Instruction Manual

    Flex Arm Tank Mount Instruction Manual

    R24 Sales Sheet

    LOOP APP Guide

    LOOP Mini Bluetooth Instructions




    • 3 - 52 Watt R24 REEF LED Light (A)
    • 3 - Flex Mount Arm Kit with Tank Mount Bracket
    • 1 - LOOP Bluetooth Controller with Temperature Sensor (F)
    • 1 - IC Light HUB with MicroUSB Cable
    • 3 - 3M (118") IC Extension Cable (D)
    • 3 - 12V DC Power Supply (B)
    • Cable Wraps (C)
    • Instructions
    3 x 52w R24 REEF LED with Flex Arm Tank Mount
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