Essence Aquascape with Seiryu Stone for Aquariums 36" to 48"


Designed for aquariums 36″-48″,Seiryu stones blended with dark green button grass and pink shrubs with a backdrop of fountain grass.

Our molded Seiryu Stones feature the same sharp edges, detailed crevices, and deep cuts found in natural stone. Unlike natural Seiryu rock, it’s lightweight, does not break easily, and readily sinks when submerged. Set of 7 stones are the actual stones you will receive and are blended with Fountain and Reed Grass, short green button plants, and small river accent stones, allowing you to easily create a stunning, natural-looking aquascape.

Safe for all aquarium fish, red cherry shrimp, ghost/glass shrimp, Amano shrimp, snails, and freshwater plants. Easy to clean and chemically neutral, they will not leach, discolor water, alter pH, or change water chemistry. All decor is pre-washed and ready to aquascape.

Aquascape Bundle includes:

  • 7 – Seiryu Stones (1XL, 1L, 1M)
  • 12 – Light Green Button Plants with Weighted Bases
  • 3 – Purple Mini Shrub Plants with Weighted Bases
  • 2 – Light Green Fountain Grass
  • 2 – Extra Tall Green Reed Grass
Essence Aquascape with Seiryu Stone for Aquariums 36" to 48"
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