A Closer Look: R24 Reef LED Mounting Options

The new R24 REEF LED can be mounted to virtually any new or existing aquarium. Available with multiple mounting options, each method provides the flexibility to optimize intensity and spread.

R24 Reef LED with flexible arm tank mount bracket


Designed for rimless or framed aquariums.The flexible gooseneck-style arm allows simple yet versatile LED positioning, ensuring optimal coverage and intensity. It’s the most popular method for most hobbyists for many reasons:

  • Requires minimal space access – simple to install on existing tanks
  • Easy-to-adjust – provides 180° swing adjustment side-to-side, 45° up and back (easy for maintenance)
  • Height adjustment – simply loosen the back ABS screws and adjust vertical height.

Ideal for existing set-ups, nano-reefs, rimless aquariums, single and multiple light systems.

 R24 Reef LED with flexible arm stand mount bracket


Our custom stand mount kit will mount the R24 LED to virtually any aquarium cabinet or directly to a wall.  The integrated sliding vertical bracket makes it easy to adjust fixture height and optimize both light spread and intensity for your corals. Attaches directly to our gooseneck arm.

  • Requires minimal access to back of aquarium for installation
  • Easy-to-adjust – provides 180° swing adjustment side-to-side, 45° up and back and 24″ of vertical adjustment
  • A solid option with the most flexibility

Ideal for existing new set-ups, tanks with wider frames (>1″), taller tanks, single or multiple light systems.

 R24 Reef LED with swivel bracket


Mount directly inside a tall canopy, to a custom lighting frame, or to virtually any hybrid system. Swivels 360° degrees for optimal angle adjustment.


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