Tune Into Nature with Serene Sounds

Serene LED lights feature nature-inspired soundscapes with binaural audio tones, creating an “audible illusion” similar to white noise. Listening to Serene’s soundscapes can help stimulate certain mental states – like helping you concentrate while working or helping you relax and relieve stress.


Binaural audio therapy is an emerging form of sound wave therapy. It makes use of the fact the left and right ear each receive a slightly different frequency tone, yet the brain perceives these as a single tone.

This type of therapy is currently being advocated for the treatment of stress, anxiety, PTSD and related disorders. To get the full effect, its recommended to listen to the audio using stereo headphones.  Similar to white noise, it can also be listened to using stereo speakers. 

The findings of a 2005 study suggest that listening to binaural beats for a recommended time period can alter a person’s subsequent mood, behavior and sleep cycles. The study explains the five different categories of audio frequencies:

  • Delta Waves (0.4-4 Hz) – Associated with deep sleep and relaxation.
  • Theta Waves (4-7 Hz) – Improved meditation, reduced anxiety, relaxation, creativity, and sleep in the REM phase.
  • Alpha Waves (7-13 Hz) – Relaxation, positive thinking, decreased anxiety and stress.
  • Beta Waves (13-30 Hz) – Increased concentration, alertness, problem solving and memory.
  • Gamma waves (30-50 Hz) – Memory, processing information, awareness.

Combined with the stunning colors and flowing movement of your aquascape and fish, Serene immerses you in a captivating visual and audio aquatic experience.


Binaural Audio Stream sounds STREAM - THETA 4-8HZ

  • Listen to: Rippling flowing water waves with calming binaural audio. 
  • Frequency: Theta 4-8Hz
  • Stimulates: Deep relaxation, inner peace, meditation, creativity.
  • When: Day or night
  • Where: Living rooms, kitchen, restaurant/dining areas, yoga rooms.

Stargaze Binaural audio tones STARGAZE - LIGHT THETA 4-8HZ

  • Listen to: Lapping lakeshore waves with meditation binaural beat.
  • Frequency: Light Theta 4-8Hz
  • Stimulates: Deeper relaxation, dreaming, meditation, inspiration, mindfulness, REM sleep.
  • When: Sunrise and Sunset, Evening/Nights.
  • Where: Office waiting rooms, bedroom, hallways.

Approaching rainstorm binaural audio RAINSTORM

  • Listen to: An approaching rain storm
  • Frequency: Alpha 8-14Hz
  • Stimulates: Relaxed focus, reducing stress and anxiety, positive thinking.
  • When: When working or studying. Also can be used for stress relief during the day or night (think white noise.)
  • Where: Offices (home or business), bedrooms, study areas, meeting rooms. 


Evening forest sounds binaural audio FOREST - LIGHT BETA 14-30 HZ

  • Listen to: Flowing forest stream at sunset
  • Frequency: Light Beta 14-30Hz
  • Stimulates: Focus, concentration, attention, Increases energy and alertness.
  • When: Working or studying or play throughout the day.
  • Where: Offices, workplaces or study areas.
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