The LOOP Marine Bundle is the first and only turnkey system that provides everything you need for lighting and water flow in one simple-to-install solution. Two of the most critical components for anyone who wants to keep a successful reef aquarium are lighting and water flow.

Choosing all of the different products you’re going to use to cover these components can be a challenge in itself. There’s also the installation time. They can take a long time to install. It can be frustrating, as well as, you have all the cable management issues of the products.
That’s why we created the LOOP Marine Bundle. It gets you set up in no time and allows you to enjoy your aquarium and focus on really what’s important. You can set the entire bundle system up in as little as 30 minutes and save you hours in installation time. It’s got a very sleek minimalistic low profile design, so it makes almost any reef aquarium look really impressive. And it runs virtually silent. You cannot hear any loud fans and the pumps run very, very quiet.

Each LOOP Marine Bundle kit includes a complete LED lighting system, two wave pumps, a DC flow return pump, and a preassembled power control center that connects everything into one seamless wirelessly controlled system. So, you get everything you need to have a successful reef aquarium in one complete system. Everything is controlled using one simple remote. You can program your LED lights. You can program your wave pumps. You can watch some really cool on-demand lighting effects. You can even put your pumps in feed mode to let those finicky fish feed.

The LOOP Marine Bundle kits fit most reef aquariums that are 36, 48, or 72 inches in length, so whether you’re setting up a new reef, or you’re just doing an entire aquarium overhaul, the LOOP Marine Bundle kits make it easier than ever.

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