Night Time Fades with the Serene Background LED Aquarium Light

The Serene Freshwater Aquarium LED Kit features our new Background lighting system that fundamentally changes everything. It allows you to see beyond a static color or printed aquarium background and add dramatic depth where additional fades and shades make all the difference.

Lighting the back of your aquarium will make you re-think how you aquascape your aquarium. If you want to take full advantage of the stunning colors and fade effects, you’ll want to keep tall plastic plants and bulky pieces of driftwood to a minimum and think about what you want to view at night.

Simple to install, Serene’s custom-designed translucent background film enhances the backlighting bringing depth and character to your aquarium. It’s specifically designed to spread light evenly across the back of the aquarium and keeping “hot spots” to a minimum. Serene’s RGB Background light is completely waterproof and includes both stand clips and suction cups to make installation easy. You’ll find the optimal position for mounting the background light is ~2″+ off the back and pointed at an angle up towards the background film.

Once installed, we know you’ll quickly discover and experience the magic we did and will not only inspire you and your aquascape, it will change the way you view your aquarium.

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