Orbit R24 REEF LED 52 watt Add-on Light
Expand your R24 LED lighting system by connecting an Add-on R24 LED. Delivering a light intensity and color spectrum specifically for corals, it provides optimal growth, eye-popping color rendition, and brilliant shimmer. Packing a compact array of powerful dual-core LED chips, the...
95 watt R24 Add-on REEF LED Light
Expand your R24 Reef LED system and connect a 95w R24 Add-on Accessory LED light to your existing LOOP system. Emitting a powerful reef-specific color spectrum, its compact size and built-in smart APP control make it the perfect lighting solution...
R24 LED Flex Arm Adjustable Tank Mount Kit
The Flex Arm Tank Mount kit makes it easy to mount and position your Orbit R24 REEF LED light while providing a stylish, modern look. A flexible gooseneck-style arm allows simple yet versatile LED positioning, ensuring optimal coverage and intensity....
R24 LED Flex Arm Stand Mount Adaptor Kit
If you need to mount your Orbit® R24 LED light over any euro-braced tank, acrylic aquarium, or tank with extra thick glass - this mounting kit is all you'll need. Simply mount the vertical bar to the back of your...
SlotFrame Mounting System 34 inch
SlotFrame™ Mounting Systems provide a versatile way to suspend LED lights above your aquarium, either from the ceiling, beam, wall, or using our SlotFrame™ Arm.  Versatile design easily connects with multiple LED lights, providing the ultimate flexibility.Black anodized aluminum construction...
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