R24 LED Flex Arm Stand Mount Adaptor Kit


If you need to mount your Orbit® R24 LED light over any euro-braced tank, acrylic aquarium, or tank with extra thick glass - this mounting kit is all you'll need. Simply mount the vertical bar to the back of your cabinet stand and connect it to your Orbit Flex Arm. The sliding vertical bracket makes it easy to adjust fixture height and optimize both light spread and intensity for your corals. Made from high-quality aluminum, it looks sleek on any set-up and is easy to install.


  • 1 x 24" Black Aluminum Stand Mount Bar
  • 1 x Sliding Flex Arm Adjustment Bracket
  • 4 x L Brackets with Mounting Hardware
  • Cable Wrap
  • Instructions
  • ** LED Light and Flex Arm sold separately


    Stand Mount Kit Instruction Manual

    R24 LED Flex Arm Stand Mount Adaptor Kit
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