Cannon 80w LED Light 10,000K White
Delivering a crisp, white color spectrum that penetrates water well, the 10,000K White Cannon 80 LED is perfect for ocean-themed exhibits or any exhibit needing a “deep water” shimmering appearance. The Cannon 80 is our brightest, most versatile commercial LED...
Cannon 80w LED Light Refugium Red
Grow plants faster with the Cannon 80 LED light. It’s a compact, powerful luminaire combining True Red 660nm and 450n Blue.  Ideal for refugiums, hydroponic systems, seedling/plant growth, or enhancing red colors in themed exhibits. The Cannon 80 is our brightest, most...
Cannon 80w LED Light 5,000K SUN White
Bring your exhibit to life with the Full Spectrum Sun White Cannon 80 LED light. It’s a compact, powerful LED light that simulates natural sunlight. Casting rays warmer 5000K-6000K white light, it's a perfect full spectrum that promotes photosynthesis and is ideal...
Cannon 80w LED Light 460nm BLUE
Casting a blend of deep blue and UV wavelengths peaking near 453nm, it’s the perfect color spectrum for live coral systems and deeper/wide reef tanks to encourage strong coral growth and color.  It’s also the ideal light for ocean or...
SlotFrame Mounting System 34 inch
SlotFrame™ Mounting Systems provide a versatile way to suspend LED lights above your aquarium, either from the ceiling, beam, wall, or using our SlotFrame™ Arm.  Versatile design easily connects with multiple LED lights, providing the ultimate flexibility.Black anodized aluminum construction...
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