Selecting the Perfect Coral Color Spectrum – Orbit Marine & Orbit IC

The following color spectrum and timer settings are recommendations for our marine reef lights with LOOP control. Every aquarium is different and the ideal color spectrum and timer settings are based on multiple variables, including:

  • Tank Dimensions - water depth is an important factor, the recommendations below are based on a tank depth of 18" /45cm
  • Light Position and Mounting Height - be sure to position your light over your corals for optimal light spread and penetration
  • Types of corals and placement - (see our PAR chart for placement recommendations)
  • Equipment care - (a dirty lens or glass top can decrease light output by up to 50%!)
  • Water quality/clarity - keep your aquarium water clean of particulates (low turbidity)

We always suggest adjusting settings to best fit your reef corals and viewing schedule. The below images and video is from Current's 48"Lx20"Wx18"H reef featuring two Orbit Marine IC LEDs using the below color spectrum and timer settings.

Select your lighting schedule:

Biorythmic/Natural - A bioryhthmic lighting program mimics nature cycles through 4 photoperiods throughout the day – each with different color spectrum and 15 minute ramp/dim.

Classic Daylight/Moon Light - This simple light cycle features a daylight and moonlight photoperiod, each beginning/ending with a 15-minute ramp/dim.


Orbit Timer programming guide
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