Serene LED Controller – Programming Daily ON/OFF with a Custom Scene

Simple 24 Hr. On/Off Timer Programming Guide (Timer A Mode)

Here’s a quick guide to scheduling a daily On/Off lighting program with the Serene Controller / Satellite LED Plus+Timer. It’s the perfect lighting schedule for aquariums installed in offices, restaurants, waiting rooms, or even your home.

The below diagram shows the default Timer A program installed with Serene:

Serene ON/OFF Timer default


Step 1 - Set time of day

Step 2 - Set controller in Timer A Mode

Step 3 - Program on and off times

Step 4A - Program Custom Scene Main Light

Step 4B - Program Custom Color Main Light

Step 5 - Program Background Light Color (optional)

Step 6 - Program audio (optional)

Step 7 - Test and Complete

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