Perfect Coral Colors with the R24 LED Reef Light

The following R24 LED Reef light  color spectrum settings are recommended for mixed reef aquariums with SPS and LPS corals.

It’s an optimal blend, intensity and spread of light for:

  • Optimizing Coral Coloration
  • Maximizing coral growth
  • Create a stunning, natural looking coral reef

As a general guideline, LPS corals are usually less sensitive to specific spectrum requirements and prefer lower light than SPS. If you’re growing more SPS, increase the blue spectrum and keep the white spectrum level to ~50-65%.

              SUNRISE/SUNSET            DAYLIGHT            MOON LIGHT
BLUE:          40-50%                         85-100%                    5-8%
WHITE:         7-15%                            35-50%                      0%
RED:           10-15%                            10-15%                      0%
GREEN:        0%                                   10%                          0%

Recommended LED Timer Schedule:

  • ON TIME (Sunrise): 8:00AM / 08:00
  • OFF TIME (Sunset): 3:30PM / 15:30
  • MOON LIGHT Duration: 2 Hrs.

The above schedule provides corals a total 9 hrs. of light with 2 hours of moonlight.

Bioryhthmic light cycle features 4 photoperiods – each with different color spectrum and 15 minute ramp/dim.

The above color spectrum and timer settings are recommended for the Orbit R24 LED Reef Light. Every aquarium is different – the ideal color spectrum and timer settings are based on multiple variables, including:

  • Tank Size and Light Mounting Height – water depth is an important factor, our recommendations are based 20″ depth tank with a single light mounted 6.5″ above the water.
  • Types of corals and placement – see our PAR chart above for placement recommendations.
  • Equipment care – a dirty glass top can decrease light output by up to 50%!
  • Water quality/clarity – keep your aquarium water clean of particulates (low turbidity).
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